How to Know What Outsourced Managed IT Support Services Are Right for Your Company?

Technology is great…when it’s working. But sometimes it doesn’t. Networks go down. Software gets outdated. Then what?

Todd Whitlock Sr President Help Desk Company
Todd Whitlock
Feb. 18, 2023 5:45 a.m. ET
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managed IT support

In those times, you need IT support that gets you back up and running quickly. Because, lost time means lost revenue. What are your choices for IT support service? Which one is right for your business?

An in-house employee

Many smaller companies, trying to saving money, turn to an employee who’s “pretty good at tinkering with things.”

The problem? When Bob, your handy operations manager, has to spend hours troubleshooting frequent tech issues, he can’t focus on other problems. Meanwhile, your workers are left twiddling their thumbs while they wait for Bob to sort things out. At the end of the day, you’re no closer to recovering that lost data or dealing with that ransomware.

A one-man operation

Before long, Bob’s boss realizes, “This isn’t working. I need to hire an actual computer expert. But I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg!” That’s often when someone will say, “I know a guy.”

Typically, this individual is self-taught. He learns by trying “this,” then trying “that.” Often, he has to come back multiple times. As the months go by, “solo guy” id harder to get in touch with, because he always gravitates toward the people who call him—and pay him—most.

This is when some business owners say, “I guess I need…

A small tech support company

Unfortunately, many of these companies function like a loose collection of “one-man operations.” Each tech is a kind of “Lone Ranger,” doing things his/her own way. If repairs get documented (big “if”), it’s rarely in a central place.

Call for tech support, and you likely won’t get the same person you had last time. And chances are, the one who helps you today won’t have a clue what his colleague did last time out.

For tech support companies like this, the phone keeps ringing, and the revenue keeps flowing. For their customers, the result is extra bills and hassles.

Since you can’t afford all this downtime, you try a fourth way…

A small tech support team

The techs here are different. Their goal isn’t merely to fix problems. It’s to prevent them in the first place.

Each team member is tested and certified and follows best practices. Because they document everything they do, there’s no redundancy, no wasted effort. They operate as a single unit.

And because they’re picky about taking on new clients, they’re available. Less waiting means less downtime.

How do you do know what IT support service is best for your company?

Isn’t it obvious?

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Todd Whitlock Sr President Help Desk CompanyTodd Whitlock is a technology leader who executes high-ROI software, hardware, and mobile support road maps aligned with your business objectives. Since 1998, company stakeholders have partnered to formulate strategic plans that guide the direction for their IT vision and daily operations. By leveraging forward-thinking intuition, Franklin IT Solutions is able to recognize new tools and technologies that prevent problems, reduce complexity, save money, and protect organizations.

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